A-Z of Michael Jackson by Donald Urquhart, Unframed Print – National Portrait Gallery
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A-Z of Michael Jackson by Donald Urquhart, Unframed Print

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Exclusive to the National Portrait Gallery for Michael Jackson: On the Wall

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Edition: Open
Paper: Two colour screen print on Somerset paper
Paper size: 840x594mm
Individually signed by Donald Urquhart 

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Donald Urquhart (UK 1963) is a Scottish writer, performer and artist best known for his metamorphose from drag queen to an artist, as well as for his pen and ink drawings of screen sirens and scenes of bittersweet Hollywood glamour. Donald Urquhart was born in Dumfries, Scotland. When he wasn’t admitted into Glasgow art school he moved to London in 1984, in the middle of the performance-art and drag-club scene of the 1980s. Urquhart established friendships and collaborative role with contemporary Leigh Bowery, an Australian performance artist, club promoter, actor, pop star, model, and fashion designer. Urquhart embraced the heady drag-performance scene of which Bowery and his circle were pioneering innovators.
In the 1990s Donald launched his own night club, The Beautiful Bend, co-hosted with friends Sheila Tequila and DJ Harvey. This club was no mere disco; it spawned his short stories, poetry, drawings, performances, radio and stage plays as well as acting as catalyst for Urquhart’s multifaceted art career.
At the time he has also worked as a postman, model and fashion journalist, but it was at the club that he created the drawings that would unexpectedly bring him art-world success. Urquhart’s drawings originally functioned as invitations and décor for this eclectic nightclub that featured a bizarre mix of alcohol-fuelled Victoriana and drag. With these drawing, artist aimed at celebrating the effects of alcohol on the imagination – it was kind of a tribute to the glamour and drama, melancholy, spite, vitriol, humanity, and hilarity’ of drinking, linking unlikely references to popular literature and film.